HISTORY TODAY – A New Kind of History Channel


Today is an exciting day for me as I launch History Today!

Cool! … so … what is it?

Great question, curious reader! History Today is a channel on YouTube that is really a NEW kind of history channel. Instead of shows about people hunting alligators, conspiracy theories about how aliens built the pyramids, or pawn shops with as much true history as Nazi propaganda films, it is real, fact-based history.

But don’t worry because History Today isn’t your typical YouTube documentary series ripped from a ’90s VHS tape or dull classroom lecture. It is history presented in an entertaining manner. I get serious when the content requires it and try to make it casual when I can.

Most important of all though, I hope that the content is engaging.

I want to foster a community around History Today where people can talk about historical topics without things delineating to the usual garbage that you find in YouTube comments sections. I’m not promising that there won’t be some posts from trolls looking to ruffle as many feathers as possible, but hopefully the community as a whole will be respectful and just that–a community.

There are already some fantastic YouTube channels that do just this (Crash Course and The Great War come to mind) but I hope that you can find room for one more channel in your subscription box.

You can check out my channel HERE!

Thanks for coming along for the ride and I can’t wait to see where we go next!

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