My Work

Based in Washington, DC, I’m a creative professional with a passion for engaging people of all backgrounds.

I received my M.A. in History from DePaul University, worked on Capitol Hill, and have launched several creative endeavors.

Check out some of my previous work below!


As a freelance writer, I’ve contracted with education sites such as YuNo (formerly Gaiali) to write U.S. History scripts, flashcard quizzes, and content summaries for their shows.

I’ve also launched my own podcast: The Historical Broadcasting Corporation. This sketch comedy show combines history and humor. I draft, edit, perform, and produce all content for HBC.

BREAKING: Anti-vaccine protestors try to shut down a Black Plague testing center. Scientists warn that Mount Vesuvius could erupt at any moment. Plus an exclusive interview with Cow O'Leary's legal team who hope to exonerate the family's name in the wake of the Great Chicago Fire.All this and more in the season finale of the HBC! Support the showFollow the HBC Tweet me @HistoryLohr Instagram @HistoricalBroadcasting More content Thanks for listening!
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Presenting & Writing

Relying on a background of improv comedy and theater, I try to bring energy to everything I do and humor when appropriate.

I’m an experienced speaker, with multiple awards for best paper at academic conferences across the country.

I have been fortunate enough to win grants and stipends for my work, as well as to travel to conferences.

I’m also a published author with work in the Ozark Historical Review and Edinboro University’s journal, Visions and Revisions.


@HistoryLohr is an ongoing project to create documentary-style history in a casual way that utilizes the best aspects of social media.

Focusing on snappy, succinct posts, I bring history tidbits to hundreds of followers, generating thousands of interactions.

Every post balances educational value, concise language, and topical relevance to optimize engagement.


As a graduate student I launched the History Today (now Historical Broadcasting) YouTube Channel.

Each video was written, edited, and presented by me. They strove to combine entertainment with educational value, often utilizing my academic background.

I also utilize YouTube’s new “Shorts” format to feature 60 second clips from the @HistoryLohr Instagram.


I have volunteered as a docent at the National Museum of American History for the past four years.

There I engage visitors of all backgrounds on topics of American history. This means making the complicated, complex aspects of our story approachable.